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Colorado (CO) Lottery results and winning numbers

About game and lottery results

About the Colorado Lottery

In general, state lotteries are successful since their launch and that was also the case with the Colorado lottery. Tickets first went on sale in January 1983 and brought revenues of $137 million in first six months alone, which was far above expectations as much less than $100 million was predicted.

Then, scratch tickets turned out to be the most popular way to participate in the lottery. In April of that same year, the first grand prize drawing took place making Carolynn Andersen the first millionaire ever of the Colorado lottery; she had all the numbers necessary to win.

The Colorado Lottery is considered to be helping the state by offering a rich diversity of lottery games and contributing to good causes as well. These causes include actions such as park maintenance, conservation and the wildlife itself.

So as to be able to raise funds for that kind of projects, the state lottery needed to have in offer a lot of games with enormous jackpots. As regards the exclusive games which aren’t available in any other state, the Colorado lottery can boast of having Lotto. Lotto has always had jackpots that were worth over $1 million and it is continued up until today. Depending on how many tickets have been sold, the value of prizes grows.

But the state lottery has much more to offer: Pick 3, Lucky for Life and Cash 5 are games which are also available. Eventually, you can play the largest lotteries: Powerball and Mega Millions. They’re the largest owing to the fact that they have the biggest jackpots in the world.

Eugene and Stanislawa Markiewicz were lucky enough to become the first jackpot winners of Powerball lottery in 2007. These two are immigrants living in the USA since 2002 and they bought their winning ticket in Westminster. Eugene and Stanislawa didn’t want to take the whole sum at once, they decided on getting the prize in form of annual payments. That’s a common choice as 277 of 361 winners made the same decision.