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District of Columbia (DC) Lottery results and winning numbers

About game and lottery results

About the District of Columbia Lottery

The day the District of Columbia Lottery was born is 25th August 1982. In the first few days alone, 700 official agents managed to sell all the tickets that went on sale. Those were impressive figures – 10 million tickets – and that made the lottery officials order another 10 million. 60 days after the lottery launch it was announced that almost 19 million tickets had been purchased in total.

The District of Columbia Lottery aroused many controversies in 2010 after sending wrong results of Powerball. The right number was 13 while the one that was sent to agents was 14. The lottery decided to show its generosity by honoring also the gamblers who had chosen number 14 when buying the ticket.

When it comes to exclusive games available in the state, DC-4 and DC-5 are the most popular ones. The drawings take place twice everyday – at midday and in the evening. In DC-4, you are able to win in 11 different ways and the prize can reach even $5,000. Taking into consideration the fact that the cheapest ticket costs as much as $0.50, it’s really worth trying. What is more, you only need to pick 4 numbers, not more, and that is also making your chances bigger. As regards DC-5, there are 120 ways of winning and the maximum prize amounts to $50,000. The cost is the same – only $0.50 or $1 but in this case gamblers have to select five different numbers.

Of course, being in the District of Columbia gives you chances to play multi-state lotteries as well. There are four: Powerball, Mega Millions, Hot Lotto… and the last one is the most recently added Lucky for Life. Powerball is a game that has been running in DC since its beginnings. With the jackpot of at least $40 million, the lottery is hugely popular among the players. 2010 brought the addition of Mega Millions. And Lucky for Life was introduced lately and offers chances to get $1,000 every day until you die.

The revenue goes to the District’s General Fund which gives money to a variety of causes and sectors. The examples are education, housing or child services. Up till now, more than $1.5 billion was collected thanks to the fact that lotteries are operated in the state.