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Georgia (GA) Lottery results and winning numbers

About game and lottery results

About the Georgia Lottery

The Georgia Lottery was given the approval in November 1992 when funds dedicated to the sector of education were created. These donations are one of the main reasons why the lottery is so immensely popular among the citizens. However, we can guess that huge jackpots also have some influence on people’s decisions. Controversies aroused in the very beginning because Georgia chose GTECH for the lottery’s management in spite of the fact that their offer was considerably higher than the offers made by other contenders.

Despite this, ticket sales were launched in 1993 and citizens were eventually able to purchase tickets for games such as Instant Cash or Georgia Millionaires. These two games have become hits straightaway selling 52 million tickets in the first week only. When we consider the fact that more than $1 billion tickets were bought in the first year alone, we may undoubtedly say that the state of Georgia had the best lottery launch in the whole US.

Over the course of many years, the Georgia Lottery developed and at the time you are reading this, it offers ten lotto games including Fantasy 5, Card Cash or Cash4Life. Still, the most popular games are Mega Millions and Powerball while they generate jackpots worth tens of millions on a regular basis. Robert Harris takes pride in being one of the most successful winners, after choosing the correct numbers he won $275 million in 2008.

Other example of a big win is Stephen Cooke from Roswell who won $13 million. He visited the lottery officials not aware of the fact that he also had a second ticket what gave him another $13 million. After he had returned to his home, he discovered that the third and the fourth ticket are in his possession as well. They weren’t worth as much as millions, but the numbers on them reflected birthdays of his family members.

The income generated by the lotteries goes mainly to the sector of education ($1 million a day on average!). Half of the revenue coming from ticket sales returns to gamblers as various prizes and 5% is given to retailers. All that remains is donated to educational programs and other projects related to good causes.