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Idaho (ID) Lottery results and winning numbers

About game and lottery results

About the Idaho Lottery

19th July 1989 was the day the first tickets went on sales and since then, this state lottery has been an immensely successful one. Such conclusions may be drawn because of the fact that over 800,000 tickets were sold during the first day of sales alone. The Idaho Lottery broke a record in terms of its creation as it took no more than 200 days to launch the lottery.

When the lottery was established, there was only one game to play; it was a scratch. Over the course of years, many changes took place and now over one thousand scratch games are accessible for the people of Idaho.

One of the most important characteristics of every lottery is undoubtedly its jackpot, and the Idaho Lottery boasts of having really good ones. 2005 was the year that made two residents of Idaho millionaires. Eric Kyle and Brad Duke played Powerball and one of them managed to win $125 million.

Apart from Powerball, there are many different games ready to be played by residents of the state. When in Idaho, you can purchase tickets for Mega Million and Hot Lotto as well. When it comes to single-state games, Double Play Daily and Pick 3 are among the ones we can buy tickets for.

As for the curiosities surrounding the Idaho Lottery, we should mention the mascot which is called ‘Ball’. It is an unofficial one but it constantly has some appearances in the adverts for the lottery. In addition to that, it also takes part in many events including matches played in the state of Idaho.

Of course, the name of the mascot is not very original and complicated but it turns out to be very useful. The revenue from the lottery goes to the education sector and in the last 30 years, schools were given about $500 million and this sum is changing as more and more money is being donated all the time.