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Iowa (IA) Lottery results and winning numbers

About game and lottery results

About the Iowa Lottery

First tickets ever for The Iowa Lottery went on sale in August 1985. They were dedicated to the game Scratch, Match and Win. Within the first week alone, over 6 million tickets have been purchased by state residents, which contributed to the success of this lottery.

This lottery has a slogan, the line ‘It’s your dream… anything can happen!’ is frequently repeated by many people who do their best to become a successful winner. That slogan has a true meaning since, in terms of records, two people have won more than $7,000,000 at once.

Nonetheless, this is not the highest pay received by a lucky lottery winner. A couple based in Fort Dogde managed to win an overwhelming sum of more than $200,000,000 in 2006! The only thing that they did was choosing all the correct numbers for the draw. This particular jackpot is placed among 100 biggest wins in the lottery ever.

If you’re one of those who long for repeating the success of the couple mentioned before, you can purchase your tickets in 2,500 places scattered throughout Iowa or do it online. Apart from Powerball Tickets, people are also able to buy tickets for Mega Millions, Lucky for Life and Hot Lotto, to name just few. When it comes to single state lotteries, there is a wide selection of games as well. These ones are not worse owing to the fact that they offer big jackpot prizes too!

Obviously, each single game here is immensely popular. However, the one that holds the absolute record in terms of popularity is undoubtedly Powerball. Figures don’t lie – this lottery has sold over $60,000,000. When you’re in Iowa, you won’t find any place in which these games are unpopular. Cedar Rapids is the location that can boast of having sold more tickets for the lotteries than any other place in the state of Iowa. In the last years, it’s getting even more popular as in 2010 the sales were worth $256 million, which made that year historic breaking the record set in 1985.