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Kansas (KS) Lottery results and winning numbers

About game and lottery results

About the Kansas Lottery

The state of Kansas was of the states that founded the lottery association for multi-state lotteries in the USA. The Kansas Lottery has always been playing a major role in the history of lotteries. In reality, this lottery was already established before the formation of the association took place. It came to life starting to sell tickets for Up and Away at the end of 1987.

It shouldn’t be surprising to you that Kansas lotteries are very popular here. All the main multi-state games are available and Powerball is the one that takes pride in having the biggest number of lucky winners. 2006 was the year that brought one of the biggest wins ever but the person who managed to get the fortune decided not to reveal his personalities. He took advantage of the fact that in state of Kansas you are able to make such decision.

Donald Damon is also in the hall of fame in terms of most successful wins. Almost $100 million has been won by this man on 11th November 2009. When buying the tickets, Donald was charged with only $1 which later brought him fortune. That case marked the 10th win of jackpot in the Powerball lottery.

Still, we need to remember that there are many other lotteries which provide us with enormous jackpots. In the years of Lotto America, before Powerball, eight people were made millionaires and Hot Lotto took its toll on many people’s lives as well giving away impressive jackpots.

There’s a new game accessible to every person who wants to take part in the drawings: Lucky For Life has made its debut in November 2016. The lucky winner gets the pension for life which amounts to $1,000. The lotteries which don’t belong to the group of multi-state lotteries have also become popular over the course of several years. As you may have guessed, at first they weren’t so popular when they were launched.

The Super Kansas Cash jackpot is not as big as the other ones, but even this game often changes people’s lives for better financially. Tamera Shuler has won $3,000,000 in 2006 when she just made it by choosing six correct numbers. Before she became the winner, she had been working. But later she said that she would quit her job because of the prize.

Kansas is one of the states that donate the state fund with the money coming from lottery revenues. That’s a good cause since many important issues can be solved and it’s beneficial to the people of the state. In total, over $1 billion has been given away providing a sustainable development for the economy and other fields.