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Kentucky (KY) Lottery results and winning numbers

About game and lottery results

About the Kentucky Lottery

First time the tickets were sold was 1989. And in the first day alone, $5 million tickets found their owners. Then, in 1990, more than $250 million tickets have been bought by residents of this state. The games which mainly contributed to the success are Lotto Kentucky and Beginner’s Luck, among the others.

The machine which has been widely used at the beginning of the lotteries in Kentucky has been taken to the Kentucky Historical Society few years ago. This machine formed the history being the first device that carried out the first drawing. It’s been there until 1993. Of course, the drawings were broadcast on live TV since the birth of the lottery. And the prizes were high even then, also.

After they decided to stop using that aforementioned machine, more than one machine has been used. It was a necessary step because more and more games were made available for the players. The multi-state lotteries were eventually introduced as well and it gave everyone an impressive opportunity to win more than $100 million. Most recent game, added in 2015, brought a chance to get a lifetime pension.

The Kentucky Lottery was the first one that was being managed by a corporation. The KLC, because it was its name, was really important as for funding different state schemes. The year of 2010 broke a record and that made more than $200 million go to the state Treasury. A variety of programs have been donated using that money. For instance, programs referring to education, childhood or even housing.

A whole lot of people who play the lotteries on a regular basis developed a strategy which is based on choosing the same numbers over the years or choosing very important numbers to them personally. But that’s not the case with Kentucky. People here tend to select winning numbers completely by chance. What is more, one store clerk made a mistake and gave the customer a ticket with wrong numbers. Finally, the wrong numbers turned out to be winning ones making that man another lottery millionaire. He checked other tickets first, he didn’t won. But then it came to his mind that there’s another ticket, the one we talked about above, and then he realized his fate. That was a great way to finish Christmas that year for him.