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Louisiana (LA) Lottery results and winning numbers

About game and lottery results

About the Louisiana Lottery

The history of this lottery abounds in many interesting stories. The state of Louisiana housed the Louisiana State Lottery Company that used to sell tickets in the whole country and eventually became the biggest one in the United States. That’s the oldest lottery that was maintained legally since 1868 but, sadly, got a very bad reputation over the years. Lottery officials were suspected of corruption and that made them end up in Honduras from where they were striving to continue selling tickets.

Presently, the lottery is not surrounded by controversies of that extent and is relatively young taking into consideration the age of other state lotteries. The first lottery that came to life was in Puerto Rico before the World War II. The second one was established in New Hampshire back in 1964. Louisiana tickets have been made available publicly in 1991.

Later, in 1992, the first game that incorporated drawings was launched and was similar to LA Lotto. When it comes to jackpots, the jackpot started to rise from $2 million and that was a fairly big sum considering the fact that it was 1992. Sadly, now the jackpot is eight times lower but people continue to win big. One of the biggest and highest jackpots was obtained by Robert H. LeBas Family Partnership. Even bigger jackpots were hit later, with the record of $31 million which went to Marion LeBeouf.

If you’re a player that’s ready to win big, you should bring Powerball into the centre of your attention. The draws occur two times a week since the formation of the game in 1995. Over the course of more than 20 years there was a bunch of lucky winners with the top prize won in 2008. Almost $100 million has been won at that time. What a lucky guy!

The lottery in Louisiana celebrated its 20th anniversary few years ago and within this time over $2 billion was donated to the state fund. Most of this was used after hurricane Katrina had hit the United States. One of the most remarkable points in the history of the lottery is Saints instant scratcher made thanks to collaboration with New Orlean Saints team of NFL. This game was giving away lots of prizes of different kinds.