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Massachusetts (MA) Lottery results and winning numbers

About game and lottery results

About the Massachusetts Lottery

In spite of the fact that this state is not as big as many other states, this state lottery is not worse in any aspect. Even here lotteries can change people’s lives and make them millionaires. The first ever lotto game was launched here, in 1978. The game was about choosing six numbers out of 49. Sadly, the game was cancelled after only 3 months due to the fact that it couldn’t generate bigger jackpots. Moreover, this state was the first to offer instant lottery tickets in the year of 1974.

2011 was the year of introducing the possibility of purchasing tickets online using credit cards. It was possible thanks to new law that has been passed by Senator Michael Rush. Earlier, in 1981, some agents had online terminals installed– but it wasn’t so common and easily accessible.

The history of this lottery is a bit longer one. It was made legal back in 1971 and over the course of few decades it has appeared on the news a number of times. One of those occasions was March 1984 when an enormous jackpot was won and it received a huge media attention. The lottery continues to generate winners to this day. People know about this and this is why ticket sales are immensely popular among them, sometimes over $10 million are sold in just a single day! Local communities are constantly donated thanks to the lottery’s income and that’s another reason why this lottery deserves media coverage. Over 30 different cities take advantage financially of the lottery.

But this wasn’t always so nice. It’s particularly because Jamie Bulger, an Irish gangster who announced that he had been the owner of winning ticket in 1991. In fact, that ticket was purchased by someone else. Still, it turned out that they were partners and they were planning share their potential prize. However, we don’t know if they were forced to do so as in the past that gangster was threatening numerous people.

In spite of that all, the lottery is still popular and offers a wide range of games to play. Mass Cash and Mass Numbers are the lotteries that also generate huge wins. That means not only multi-state lotteries are able to do so.