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Mega Millions Numbers

About Mega Millions

The Mega Millions Lottery

Having jackpots of no less than $15,000,000, Mega Millions is a world-renowned lottery giving away enormous jackpots regularly. Since its launch, people managed to win seven jackpots worth over $300,000,000. Tickets are available in 42 states + Washington D.C. You can purchase them online and thanks to different ticket agents as well.

How to Play and how to check Mega Millions winning numbers

Everyone that wants to take part in the game must choose numbers from two sets. Five different numbers from the first set (range 1-75) and the additional number named the Mega Ball from set number 2 (range 1-15). The Mega Ball number doesn’t have to be different from the ones in the first set. Like every lottery of that kind, Mega Millions gives you money depending on how many numbers you match. The drawings take place in the evenings on Tuesday and Friday.

Taking into consideration the fact that the odds of winning are 1 in 15, it’s really worth being a part of the lottery. The thing that maximizes your chances to win big is the Mega Ball, the one that you choose from the second set. If you match four numbers without the Mega Ball, you may win up to $500. But matching the Mega Ball also, presents you even $5,000. Because the lower prizes are constant, you will be aware of how much you won immediately the draw.

Things like your chances of winning and the prize breakdown are shown in the table you can see below. It concerns almost every state. However, in California the fact how much you win depends on how many winners there are and the ticket sales itself.

Mega Millions Numbers

The Megaplier

A ball called The Megaplier ball has been in the game since 2003 in Texas Lottery and was introduced along with Mega Millions Numbers in this state. Many people see similarities between the Megaplier ball and PowerPlay (of Powerball). It’s because they can both make your winnings bigger without forcing you to pay big additional costs.
Still, there is a considerable difference. PowerPlay has fixed payouts while the Megaplier ball boosts your winning in a different way. For example, if you win $1, it can be multiplied to $2-5 depending on your luck.

During every single drawing of the Mega Millions lottery, a different Megaplier ball gets drawn and it has influence on the multiplication of your potential winnings. The best-case scenario is that you get four times more than you would without the Megaplier. Unfortunately, this ball has no impact on the jackpots.

At the end of 2013 the Megaplier underwent some significant changes. Since that time, players can be awarded with even $5,000,000 thanks to the Megaplier ball. Considering the fact that the ball influences nearly every prize available in the lottery, it’s no wonder that it’s immensely popular among the players. This is not accessible in every state, so remember that you can also purchase the tickets online. The way Megaplier works is illustrated in the table which you see below.

Mega Millions Lottery and its history

Mega Millions results is one of the biggest lotteries worldwide but it got popular mainly in the United States. In the beginning, the lottery was called the Big Game. Later, in 2002, a rebranding took place and since then the game is named Mega Millions. The Big Game was launched in 1996 and in the first drawing six US states played.

From that time, 35 other states joined and finally 41 states in total play the game. A good way to prove that the lottery is incredibly popular among the residents of the United States is mentioning that in 2007 the jackpots rose to $390 million. Then, every consecutive minute meant that another 10 thousand tickets have just been sold in Virginia.
The player that gets Mega Millions winning numbers can also receive a jackpot worth no less than $12 million. And the jackpots tend to rise to even more than this. In fact, the aforementioned $12 million is seldom the jackpot, most often it’s hundreds of millions. A whole lot of money is given away with jackpots of $250 million on a regular basis. In order to become the lucky winner, just pick five matching numbers and the additional, Mega Ball. Not winning the jackpot still gives you much money starting from $2 to $250,000.
The results of the drawings are published straightaway at 11 p.m. every Tuesday and Friday and you can buy tickets even when the drawing starts in 15 minutes. Pick five numbers out of 56 available, choose the right Mega Ball and become a millionaire!

Mega Millions Results