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Michigan (MI) Lottery results and winning numbers

About game and lottery results

About the Michigan Lottery

The voting concerning the establishment of Michigan Lottery took place in 1972 and the first tickets that went on sale were dedicated to 50-cent green game. The lottery has always been generating huge jackpots and helping people to make changes in their lives. The first time someone became millionaire was 1973. In terms of being the biggest, we must mention Classic Lotto 47 as the most popular lottery in the state of Michigan.

Nowadays, the Classic Lotto 47 gives big jackpots very often and they start at $1 million at least. The first tickets were available in 1989 and the draw occurred on the 6th of December that same year. What is notable, you don’t have to match all the six numbers to win as getting three, four or five entitles you get prizes as well. And the game is simple as that – select these six numbers and wait for the draw.

The draws take place twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The ones that take place on the third day of the week are very often called ‘big Wednesday results’. If you want to play local games, you can do this too: Daily 4, Keno and Midday 4 are ready to be played. Just like all the legal state lotteries, Michigan lottery supports financially many good causes throughout the state and $15 billion was given back to the local communities.

2005 was the year that introduced the Mega Millions lottery in Michigan. 5 years later Powerball came to life. Many state residents are keeping track of the most recent drawings and these games quickly became immensely popular. Also, in 2010, a special competition was organized and one of the prizes was meeting the band Aerosmith in Cleveland. The lucky winners met the band and watched them perform in a special concert.