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Minnesota (MN) Lottery results and winning numbers

About game and lottery results

About the Minnesota Lottery

The Minnesota Lottery was very successful since its launch in 1990. Within the first year alone it generated sales of more than $100 million and the half of it was given back to the lucky winners in form of huge jackpots.

However, the history has not always been so nice. In 2011 state government cancelled the permission and that caused the closure of the lottery. The reason of this all was that the Governor disagreed with the state legislature which led to some problems for a bunch of state organizations. Fortunately, it didn’t last much time since after 20 days everything was again like it was before. Of course, the average revenue for the lottery was considerably lower that year, compared to previous years.

There’s another good fact about the Michigan Lottery. A 2008 survey showed that among the residents of the state it is the most popular way to gamble. Half of the people that have been asked way back then stated that they had bought a lottery ticket in 2007 at least once. The Powerball is the biggest lottery in this state making up over 20% of the lottery income every consecutive year.

The fact that we constantly hear about the winning must be the reason why this lottery is so popular. To show you the extent of the prizes - $50,000,000 was won in 2003 by a single person! Later things became ever better. 2011 brought the prize of $228,000,000! The person who was lucky enough to get that prize had bought five tickets and was predicting that he would win from the beginning.

Apart from Powerball, there are other games available. Let’s not forget about them: Mega Millions, Hot Lotto and even Northstar Cash. And each one gives you an ultimate chance to win big on a daily basis!