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New Jersey (NJ) Lottery results and winning numbers

About game and lottery results

About the New Jersey Lottery

This lottery has a slogan which entices us to give our dreams a chance. You may say that’s a bit bizarre, but indeed, these lotteries have an enormous impact on players’ lives. All the games available present you with a unique opportunity to win cash and it doesn’t matter how you will spend it!

The government of New Jersey is the owner and the operator of this state lottery. It belongs to the group of oldest legal lotteries available in the States. And the history starts in 1970 when state governor purchased the first ticket immediately after it had been approved by the public in voting where it got more than 80% of the votes in favour.

The first people who became millionaire thanks to the lottery were Edward and Kathleen Henry. The year of 1983 marked the 100th millionaire. In the beginning, the New Jersey lottery organized only one drawing every week. Nowadays, state residents can choose from eight various games including exclusive games like Pick 6 Lotto and multi-state lotteries like Powerball and Mega Millions.

Jersey Cash 5, another state-exclusive game, received an upgrade recently and now offers an additional option which is called XTRA. From October 2016 on, the gamblers of New Jersey are able to make their prizes bigger when they don’t win any jackpot.

Almost every state lottery donates education in the state. And this also the case with New Jersey, much money is dedicated to the schools. But that’s not the end: among the donated sectors are: hospitals and support for veterans and the disabled. Thanks to the revenues from 2010, over $900 million went to good causes in the state of New Jersey. These figures are so high because the costs of maintaining the lottery have never been very high. The growing popularity over the years is because of the fact that these games are really worth having a go. And it will not change in the near future.