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New Mexico (NM) Lottery results and winning numbers

About game and lottery results

About the New Mexico Lottery

The New Mexico Lottery is one of the most recently established lotteries. The first tickets went on sale in 1996 and in just few months, Powerball was also launched. Gary Johnson was the governor at the time and it was Johnson who approved the new law concerning the establishment of new lottery. That’s not common in the United States, but this lottery had difficult times over the years because of the constant financial problems. Nonetheless, the lottery was able to provide scholarship for some students. The service of scholarships has one particular goal – to let the students get better education. For 20 years, it has donated more than $400 million changing the students’ lives for better.

But this is not the only good cause that is being financed from the revenues all the time, school construction and repairs are also among the interests. Still, the program for scholarship aroused some controversies once since people believed that it’s too expensive while the lottery struggles to survive over the years. As for the biggest wins, we must mention that a single drawing generated a winner of $206 million! That impressive amount has been won by nine friends at the end of 2008 in Roswell. It all happened just two hours before the final drawing. The jackpot was so high because it had been getting bigger for 60 days and they chose to withdraw the money in cash not using the annuity option.

The store in which this immensely lucky ticket was bought turned out to be lucky not for the first time. Big prizes came from there eleven times earlier. Powerball is accessible for the residents since 1996 but there also Mega Millions and some single-state games as well. Road Runner Cash is one of them – maybe the prizes aren’t as high as the ones in Powerball but it’s worth having a go!