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New York (NY) Lottery results and winning numbers

About game and lottery results

About the New York Lottery

In terms of the size of the winnings, the New York Lottery is one of the most successful ones. This is the biggest lottery in the United States with biggest revenues dedicated to education year after year. In a way, this lottery is a ground-breaking one. It was launched back in 1967 and it was extremely popular since its birth, the first year alone generated over $50 million of the income and people from other states used to cross the state border only to purchase tickets.

From that time, the lottery has evolved into an even bigger game. Nowadays, it generates revenues worth more than $40 million as well. However, in the history, there was one time when the whole lottery has been cancelled for some time. An agency which was responsible for announcing the tickets that were successful stated publicly that winning tickets are these not sold. And the lottery officials knew that it wasn’t true.

As regards other scandals and controversies – there weren’t any, fortunately. The only other notable fact is that a number of people became millionaires thanks to taking part in this lucky competition. In fact, people there are used to hearing about big prizes on a regular basis. The figures in the last years are particularly overwhelming for the ones who don’t deal with big money daily. The absolute record is held by a bunch of co-workers who won $320 million in the game called Albany 7. The whole story happened in 2011 when one of them used a generator to select the numbers automatically.

Raising money for good causes is another main goal for state lotteries. In those terms this state lottery is successful as well. $3 billion is donated every year. It all means that when you buy ticket you get chances to win but also help someone who needs it.

Generally, the New York Lottery is really distinctive in many ways. A wide selection of games, enormous jackpots and big money donated to good causes make this lottery immensely interesting. No wonder it’s so popular.