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North Carolina (NC) Lottery results and winning numbers About game and lottery results

About the North Carolina Lottery

In terms of having a lottery, North Carolina was left behind for a long time. It was in 2005 that new law was approved giving the state its own legal lottery. It was determined that 35% of the revenues would be dedicated to good causes throughout the state, for example: education and scholarships. Because of this fact the lottery was given a name: North Carolina Education Lottery.

The first years of the lottery were relatively good with the first tickets ever bought in March 2006. Within just a year, the lottery managed to generate an income of more than $1 billion. 2009 and 2010 were the years when $400 million was donated to state’s public education programs.

When you play this lottery, you are able to try Midday 3, Pick or even Cash 5. The newest games available in the selection are All or Nothing and Lucky for Life. Obviously, multi-state lotteries like Powerball and Mega Millions are also ready to be played. Powerball was introduced around the time the whole lottery came into life in 2006. The jackpots in this lottery are worth no less than $40 million and the draws take place twice a week. All the updated results are here on our website for you!

When it comes to popularity, me must admit that the local game Cash 5 is the most successful one. All you have to do is choose five different numbers from the range 1-39 and take advantage of the option quick pick which lets you have your numbers generated automatically. The draws are held every day if you’re lucky enough to get the necessary numbers, you will be awarded with the top prize which is at least $50,000. In this game, one ticket entitles you to take part in 28 drawings and choose five various sets of numbers.

North Carolina Education Lottery provides you with an opportunity to win entries to the main event of World Series of Poker. Richard Taylor in 2009 won such entry and ended up very high in the final ranking. That was the reason he was invited to the event once again in 2010! Overall, the money he won is just overwhelming.