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Ohio (OH) Lottery results and winning numbers

About game and lottery results

About the Ohio Lottery

The Ohio Lottery started in 1974 when the first drawing took place – over 1,000 people was there during the event. The draw was dedicated to weekly lotto called Buckeye 300. The hosts were Miss Ohio World 1974 and some stars that were popular locally.

The Ohio Lottery was successful since its launch and it’s no wonder because every month brings us winners. When it comes to single-state lotteries, eight different are ready to be played and, also, multi-state lotteries such as Mega Millions and Powerball are waiting for you to buy the tickets.

As regards the local lotteries, the Ohio Classic Lotto takes pride in having the biggest jackpot of at least $1 million and rises by $100,000 with every rollover. And this is why the winners in Ohio win so much. On three days the drawings are held: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Numerous TV stations broadcast the drawing live in the evenings.

Mega Million started in 2002 and Powerball in 2010. The first winner emerged very quickly, he decided to remain anonymous but we know that he won more than $200 million in June 2010. All the results in which you’re interested can be found here – we have every lottery and we made sure that the results are updated. It’s really worth trying your luck in the state of Ohio since a rich diversity of games is available.

One game worth mentioning is Ohio Pick 4 which was engaged in a fairly bizarre situation in 2006. Ohio’s football team won the championship and the final score was 42-39. Half an hour later a drawing took place and the winning numbers were: 4-2-3-9! That unusual situation was the reason why $2 million was given away to the lucky winner that day. There were more than 400 people who received cash having all the correct numbers. Sometime later, after another match played by the team, the lottery was forced to forbid choosing the number that reflected the final score of the most recent match.

The Ohio Lottery, like every lottery, is raising money for education in the state. Over $16 billion was given to students in need since it was established in 1974. Almost 30% of every dollar goes to education and the rest ends up in the pockets of lucky prize winners.