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Oregon (OR) Lottery results and winning numbers

About game and lottery results

About the Oregon Lottery

The tickets for this lottery went on sale in April 1985 for the first time. Six months later, the lottery got a wider selection of games by adding Oregon Megabucks that was the first game ever in the United States which offered a possibility of annuity when it comes to withdrawing the prize. From then on, a number of different has been added giving people even more chances to win big. One of the most notable ones is undoubtedly Lotto America. If you don’t know what it is, it was a game that later developed into Powerball.

The Oregon Lottery has always cared for the diversity of lottery games. That’s why players are able to play casino-related games and bet on sports. Some people expressed their discontentment, but eventually the lottery became a successful one as well. 1992 brought video poker machines to bars and slots appeared in 2005.

As we mentioned before, not everyone was so happy with the steps taken by the lottery association. But the vast majority of state residents were in favour of the way of lottery’s development. Betting on NFL results was later introduced as well and this made the NFL itself angry in some way. As a result, they stated that Oregon will never be allowed to have an official NFL team. That move provided another stage of lottery’s development. And nowadays, they lottery gives all the players an opportunity to play Megabucks, Lucky Lines and Win for Life when we talk about the games which are available exclusively in the state. And let’s not forget Powerball and Mega Millions, of course. Oregon Powerball produced some of the biggest jackpot winners ever. Almost $350 million has been won by Steve and Carolyn West. Way back then it was the highest jackpot so far in the US and second in the whole world.