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Pennsylvania (PA) Lottery results and winning numbers

About game and lottery results

About the Pennsylvania Lottery

The state of Pennsylvania has had its own lottery for 30 years now. That means the first tickets were available in 1972 and cost 50 cents. The lottery was immensely successful since the very beginning making four different millionaires within the first six months. The first time the drawing was brought to TV was 1975. On 13th March that year, people could watch the drawing live in their homes. When it comes to curious stories, a magician based in Pennsylvania successfully predicted the drawing’s outcome in 1990 and earned $12 million of jackpot. His alias was ‘The Psychic Madman’ and this story spread over the whole United States.

Over the years, the Pennsylvania Lottery contributed financially to a number of good causes across the state. What is interesting, this state’s lottery gives all the revenues to older people – apart from the prizes for lucky winners, of course. When it comes to details, no less than 27 cents of every dollar spent on tickets is going to support older residents.

The state lottery of Pennsylvania offers a rich diversity of games: nine single-state games are available and two multi-state games – Powerball and Mega Millions. In terms of popularity, the most played and the most recognizable one is Powerball with 12 jackpots won in Pennsylvania. Other games which can provide you with some big money are Match 6 and Cash 5. Match 6 has a jackpot of at least $500,000 and there’s a constant increase. That game started at the beginning of 2004 and lasted until 2009. After one-year break, tickets became available once again in 2010 because of the demand. And Cash 5 is a game which was made available in 1992 for the first time. But the fun doesn’t end here as Midday Big 4, Treasure Hunt and Daily Number are the remaining games which you can play, to name just few.

2016 brought the addition of special feature to ‘Pick’ games. Its name is ‘Wild Ball’ and if you decide on it buying the ticket in store, later you are able to substitute one of the numbers in case you need one more correct number to gain the cash prize.