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Rhode Island (RI) Lottery results and winning numbers

About game and lottery results

About the Rhode Island Lottery

Rhode Island is the smallest state in terms of area, but it doesn’t mean that it’s worse than any other lottery. First tickets went on sale in 1974 so we can clearly say that it’s one of the older lotteries and over the course of more than four decades it brought income of $2 billion giving away $6 billion to lucky winners.

This lottery is sometimes referred to as ‘Rilot’ and produced a bunch of prize winners; one of them is Sheila Botelho that won over $150,000,000 in the draw that took place in 2007. The woman purchased the ticket being with her man at the store. She decided on getting her prize in cash at once which made her ready to stop working and retire.

The official lottery association which formed in 1987 was conceived by a few states, including Rhode Island. That meant that Powerball was available there just after being created in 1992. Up till now, players can try their luck in Mega Millions, Wild Money and Rhode Island Numbers as well.

Similarly to many states, the first tickets for Mega Millions were made available in 2010. It was right after signing the deal between the lottery’s operator and official association. A top jackpot hasn’t been won so far but jackpots get very high regularly which means that the first winner is just a matter of time.

We’re not surprised that the whole lottery is extremely popular among the state dwellers and the revenues are donated to good causes and prizes for lucky winners. As for more detailed information, almost 80% of every dollar goes back to people as cash and prizes while the rest is given to the State Fund with the exception of little percent used to cover costs which the lottery generates.

All that is donated is dedicated to supporting education and other sectors like safety, transport and human services generally. Over years, an incredible amount of more than $2 billion was donated and it’s not the end, for sure.