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South Carolina (SC) Lottery results and winning numbers

About game and lottery results

About the South Carolina Lottery

The full name for this lottery is The South Carolina Education Lottery and it’s quite a new one when we take into consideration the age of many other state lotteries – it was established only in 2002. A rich diversity of games is offered Pick 3, Midday 3 and their ‘4’ versions. Additionally, gamblers are able to play scratch and raffle games. The lottery is doing its best to provide the best services and turn out to be better than any other adjacent state.

One of the remaining games that weren’t mentioned above is Palmetto Cash 5 that can boast of having the biggest jackpots of $100,000. The only task for you in order to take part is to choose five different numbers from the range 1-38 and consider the Power-Up option. This option entitles you to multiply your winnings under some conditions.

Of course, multi-state lotteries are accessible as well; residents can play Powerball since the launch of lottery in 2002 and 2010 was the year Mega Millions were added to the selection of lotteries. These two take pride in having the highest jackpots in the whole state and Powerball’s jackpots start at $40 million, to be more precise.

And these jackpots very often reach really amazing sums which later end up in lucky winners’ pockets and bank accounts. $260 million was won by single person in 2009 that had purchased a ticket worth $2 before. The lucky winner stated that the big prize wouldn’t spoil him and change for worse. The man about whom we’re talking is reverend Solomon Jackson who later donated $10 million to the local college.

Despite of the fact that this state lottery is fairly new, almost half of the population claims that took part in the games at least once in their lifetime. And obviously, each of them is checking the drawings’ outcome on a regular basis. What is interesting, residents are not allowed to buy ticket on the days the elections are held.