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Tennessee (TN) Lottery results and winning numbers

About game and lottery results

About the Tennessee Lottery

This lottery was restored in 2003 thanks to Governor Phil Bredesen but the first tickets went on sale in 2004. Once the tickets were in the stores, people started to buy them feverishly generating revenues of almost $11 million within the first day alone.

And three months later, the Tennessee Lottery added Powerball to its selection of games making it richer. This fact and the number of prizes that were available increased the sales even more. That meant the lottery has become extremely popular among the residents of Tennessee. Large part of proceeds goes straight to education. And the first person that contributed to these good causes and won a big jackpot simultaneously was an anonymous person based in Knoxville.

The Powerball in this state enjoys popularity up till now with a large number of state dwellers constantly checking the draws’ outcomes. One of the winners worth mentioning is Bobbi Hubbard which lived in South Pittsburg and gained a jackpot of more than $25 million. In spite of the fact that he won he didn’t stop working only taking some more holidays. His remaining plans were paying the outstanding bills and investing into his family business.

Each state lottery has its own way to promote its lotteries and that’s also the case with Tennessee. The state hired one of the famous wrestlers once – his job was to promote the Mega Millions Lottery. He did so appearing on TV and radio where the screamed his popular trademark line a number of times. The commercials were a quick success getting many YouTube views within few days after its release.

The lottery also donates the state’s education by giving lots of money for the scholarships and schools equipment all across the state. After four years of being operated, the lottery gave away over $1 billion to that good cause. By now it’s more than $2 billion. In the peak period: 100,000 students received extra money to make use of it.