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Texas (TX) Lottery results and winning numbers

About game and lottery results

About the Texas Lottery

The Texas Lottery was brought into life by selling more than 20 million tickets on the first day alone in 1992. The whole lottery was so popular that one day before the sales started, tens of thousands people were taking part in numerous parties linked to the lottery across the state. The amount of lottery tickets that have been purchased within first 24 hours alone was absolutely ground-breaking. The first ticket ever was purchased by the Governor himself. The cost of introducing the lottery was obviously high, but it was earned back in just three hours after the ticket sales started.

The Texas Lottery is known for donating good causes and has a slogan that reads: ‘When Texans Play, Texas Wins’. And that’s true because a lot of money from the revenues is spent on education.

The lottery takes pride in a wide selection of games which, along with the donations, considerably contributed to the lottery’s success over the years. What is interesting, it was called the number one lottery of the USA in 1994. In terms of popular games, an absolute leader is Texas Lotto that is able to change peoples’ lives only for better. When you get all the correct numbers, you are awarded with tens of millions dollars as a jackpot. That successful game was first introduced in 1992 and it only took 21 days to generate the first lucky jackpot winner. She has won over $20 million!

And as regards the winners, not only ordinary people can win, but also celebrities. A good example of this is Thomas Henderson who was lucky enough to win $28 million jackpot back in 2000. He was part of the team Dallas Cowboys and he played in three Superbowls by that time. Sadly, Henderson had some problems with addiction to drugs and alcohol and that made him lose a lot of money. In that case, he was certainly a person who needed some money.

Moreover, it’s worth bringing up the topic of Joan Ginther who is sometimes referred to as one of the luckiest lottery winners ever. Why? It’s all because $1 million was won by Joan not one time, but four! Over the years, starting in 1993, she has won $20 million in total. The first jackpot was more than $5 million after buying a ticket for Lotto Texas.