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Virginia (VA) Lottery results and winning numbers

About game and lottery results

About the Virginia Lottery

The history of Virginia Lottery is not a long one since the first time tickets went on sale was 1988. Although it started relatively late, in 1996 Mega Million was added to the selection of games making Virginia one of the pioneer states in terms of this lottery. Way back then, it was called The Big Game.

Moreover, today this official state lottery is able to offer single-state games as well. The good examples are Cash 5 and Pick 4. But the state-exclusive lottery that reaches the highest jackpots is Virginia Cash 5. The jackpot is never lower than $100,000 and it only takes guessing five correct numbers to win. Eventually, you can play scratcher games and win big only by scratching a lucky card bought at one of your local stores.

In 1999, Lottery promised to donate all the revenues to state education. And indeed, over $7 million was given away to schools. It’s no wonder that Powerball and Mega Millions are extremely popular in Virginia. As you can see, they present you with an opportunity to win big and do something good for the state at the same time. What is interesting, 2010 brought the addition of Mega Million Megaplier option, which, as you can guess, can make your winnings even bigger!

One of the remaining games available in Virginia is Win for Life that lets you get six various prizes using eight different ways. The main prize here is $1,000. But not once; you will get it every week until you die! The draws take place two times a week – on Wednesday and on Saturday. All you have to do is choose six numbers from the range 1-42 and a Free Ball. After this, you will be the part of the draw.

In 2008, some controversies aroused when hundreds of people were convinced that they had won a prize in Fast Play Super 7. It was caused by a computer error that operated the lottery’s electronic terminals scattered throughout the state. Despite they didn’t actually win, the lottery decided to compensate by giving them reduced prizes. Such stories don’t happen very often, but once they do, you can be sure that lottery won’t let you walk away without money.